Best Dry Cleaning Sevice in India

Finding a reliable dry cleaning service can be quite the challenge and an even bigger one is finding a good cobbler who could mend some of those designer shoes we absolutely love, correct? Thanks to Pressto & Pressto Cobbler you’ve got your fix right here in Bangalore. I’ve loved my designer shoes, but was only ever able to get any scratches, heel tips etc. fixed when I travelled abroad which was unfortunate. But, I dropped a pair off at Pressto and was beyond satisfied with how well they cleaned up and fixed the shoes. Whether it be a pair you’ve spent a lot of money on, a pair you love or just a pair that’s a classic and requires maintenance, I would highly recommend dropping by their store to maintain your much loved shoes and bags too!

The same applies to your clothes! I’ve had garments returned back damaged after dry cleaning and have therefore always been incredibly skeptical to drop some of them off at a lot of stores around the city. Again, Pressto‘s left me being a happy satisfied customer. I’d dropped of a cream blazer that had a few dirt marks that I wasn’t sure we’d be able to get rid off but alas Pressto got rid of it all!

So, like me, if you love your shoes, bags and your clothes, I’d surely recommend Pressto! Drop by their store to have a look at the various services they offer. I’m almost certain you won’t be disappointed. They’re located right below Columbia Asia Hospital on 80ft road, Indiranagar!

Happy Dry Cleaning!


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