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I’m constantly asked about my hair and what I use and do the keep it healthy. So, I’m always on the look out for different products that I can try out and recommend to all of you. The latest range I’ve got my hands on is Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall range. It’s a 4 step process to help reduce your hair fall.

It starts with oiling your hair with their Anti Hair Fall Oil. Which is one of my favourite steps! Once you leave that on for a while you need to use the Anti Hair Fall Shampoo followed by the Anti Hair Fall Conditioner. After which you take about a dime size of the Anti Hair Fall Cream and apply it all over your hair. Make sure you don’t put too much since it can end up weighing your hair down.

I sat through the treatment at the Ombre Salon, Bangalore. But, will try the whole range out for a while and let all of you know how I feel about it. With all the pollution and the hard water in Bangalore my hair’s been affected for sure. So, I’m really rooting for this one since I’ve used other products from Himalaya and have always been happy. If you’ve already tried it out let me know!

Here’s a little more about the key ingredients in this range:

  • Butea Frondosa or ‘flame of the forest’ is native to India and Southeast Asia. It strengthens hair and helps promote hair growth.
  • Bhringaraja is traditionally used in Ayurveda for hair growth and hair dyeing. It nourishes the hair root, improves hair texture and reduces hair fall.


Photography – Mahesh Namburi

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