Pink Blazer 2

A bright blazer like this hot pink one from Topshop is a great way to play up your look. Also, since this is an open front and slightly cropped blazer I could easily pair it with my shorts without looking too formal. All of you know I love my shorts and can’t get enough of them, but I still didn’t want to look too casual so I paired them with these floral coloured pumps and a statement necklace to look more put together.

For all you neutral lovers like me, here are 3 reasons why you should own a bright blazer too:

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Men's Fashion - How to Style a Scarf

Have you ever thought about or tried on a scarf but never ended up making that purchase? If so, now’s the time to go get yourself one! Scarves are manly, easy to wear, functional and fashionable. I personally think they are a gateway to better dressing.
The simplest way to wear a scarf it is to hang it around your neck. Worn that way it simply looks classy and effortless. To make the scarf stand out I styled it with a light neutral sweater (jumper) and white pants! It’s all about keeping it simple when wearing something that’s a little out of your comfort zone.
When I see a man in a scarf it tells me he’s confident, cares about the way he looks and isn’t looking to simply fit in. Those are incredibly attractive qualities that most women are drawn to. All the more reason to go pick up that scarf!

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Simple Make-Up Essentials for Indian Skin

A lot of people always ask about my make-up and if I have any on etc. because I’m not big on a full face of make-up unless it’s for a shoot or night out. ┬áSince I do have a basic routine down that I always follow I thought I’ll start with the basics.

These are the products that I’d been using to create a clean and even base. So, here you go:

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