Teamonk was a part of the World Food 2017 event that Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, inaugurated on 3rd November 2017 from Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi. This event was amongst the most anticipated international mega food events. It was a brilliant congregation of global investors and business leaders of major food companies. For the first time India had hosted such an event for the Food processing sector. World Food India platform has strengthened India’s position as a Global Food Factory and is a positive step towards making the Country’s Food Secure.

World Food India hosted over 2,000 participants, over 200 companies from 30 countries and representatives of 28 States in India. A massive exhibition spread over 40,000 sq mtrs in the verdant C- Hexagon lawns of India Gate. At the VVIP lounge with all well established organizations, like Britannia Industries Ltd, MTR Food Pvt Ltd, Nestle, Patanjali and Tata Global Beverages. One exceptional brand which captured people’s interest at the whole VVIP lounge was ‘Teamonk’.

It’s no secret that we are in a nation of tea lovers. Most people love to get chai’d up and Teamonk was the only tea brand at the World Food Event. Most people like green tea and have a cup every now and then, right? This one, is said to be really light, sweet, and not at all bitter. They have a huge variety of their products too that should be tried. Teamonk is on a mission to ensure that every cup of tea consumed by its drinkers is fresh. That is why they have revolutionized how tea comes to you. Teamonk tea brings you a range of organic tea blends that are rich in flavor. Each tea explains when you should consume them and why.

Although one can’t simply decide to be healthy, there are things we can do to improve our health considerably. These include a healthier diet, more physical exercise, but also drinking more fluids, namely Tea. We’ve already know that tea contains antioxidants and it can help you reduce stress, but green tea is helpful with reducing the risk of stroke or even heart attack. Moreover, more tea might help keep your bones healthy and strong, since it contains vitamins A and K, iron and higher amount of calcium than milk. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, tea can be of great assistance in boosting your immune system.

In fact adding a pinch of lemon which contains vitamin C makes it easier for a person to absorb the catechins in green tea. Therefore, you should add lemon or lemon juice to the green tea. The antibacterial and antiviral catechins in green tea can be effective in treating influenza. Catechin prevents free radicals from destroying body cells. One specific Catechin, EGCg, is known for its cancer-fighting properties. You can increase metabolism by drinking green tea.  Green tea boosts the metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.  Many weight loss supplements therefore contain green tea as an ingredient. And since drinking tea changes the pH levels in your mouth, it may even prevent cavities.

Also, Teamonk blends premium organic teas with 100% real ingredients, allowing nature to speak for itself. With a focus on complete tea quality and customer satisfaction, Teamonk is providing high quality tea products at prices lower than most could ever imagine! So would recommend my fellow Tea lovers to try Teamonk products and you will fall in love with their Tea!! Same like what just happened with me.

I’d say it’s still not too late to sit down and make a lifestyle plan that’s going to keep you happy and healthy this year. So, sit down with a hot cup of Teamonk tea because we all know tea can only do you some good!

– Food Refinery –

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