The Bosch Go

Whether you need to fix something in your own home or someone else’s no one wants to spend more time than they need to, correct? That’s why the Bosch GO could just be the perfect tool for you. It’s the only smart screwdriver that’s not only cordless but is incredibly compact, portable and easy to use! With the push of a button you can both screw and unscrew almost anything.

It’s 4 times more powerful than any existing screwdriver and it has an intelligent E-clutch that stops when you want to stop. It weighs only around 0.28kg making it the perfect tool to carry around for hassle free working. The all new #BoschGo comes in a plastic case with 33 different screwdriver bits, a USB adaptor and a USB cable. Professionals can use it to tighten door hinges, fix electrical switchboards, fix false ceiling fixtures, repair cycles, install furniture and so much more. You can now get your hands on it on almost all of the e-commerce portals. If at all you have an issue with any of it you can always call the Bosch helpline number which is 1800 425 8665.

Watch the all new #BoschGo at work

Find out more about Bosch here!

– Divya –

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