Waxing can often be an expensive affair, right? But when it’s just Rs.599 on www.gomalon.com to get your full arms, full legs and underarms waxed there are no excuses anymore. To make this deal even sweeter, I‘ve got a discount code just for our followers and readers. Use the discount code “GOWAX” to get Rs.150 off. So, for a limited time you get your full arms, full legs and underarms waxed in Bangalore for just Rs.449! Awesome, right?

Since waxing is a monthly ritual for most girls Gomalon came up with WaxOn to make life just a little easier and less expensive, of course! I dropped by one of their salons in Indiranagar to try it out myself last week. The salon was ok, but again, it was the ease of booking the appointment and the price that made the biggest difference to me. WaxOn is a quick and de-tanning, waxing service for just Rs.599 at select salons around the city. Another thing that sets WaxOn apart from your usual wax is the fact that they use Chocolate was which we all know is a stress buster for most women. They use a new Chocolate cartridge wax that smells delicious and directly rolls onto your skin which is so much more hygienic than the conventional wax. In addition to that, unlike most other waxing services they have a pre-wax and a post-wax solution that they use on each customer. Their pre-wax solution contains tea tree oil which we all know acts as an antiseptic and cleanses your skin off lotion and other residue. While the post-wax solution is a combination of lavender and aloe vera which soothes your skin and most importantly reduces redness which is something most of us struggle with.

To book an appointment all you have to do is go onto www.gomalon.com and click on Salon after which you’ll be directed to a page with all the salons offering WaxOn. Pick a salon that’s closest to you and add to cart by selecting a date and time and you’re done. It’s that simple! So go ahead and quickly book your WaxOn appointment on Gomalon for just Rs.449 for a limited period!

Happy waxing!


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